Earlobe Repair Cost in Delhi

Our aim is to provide you the best earlobe surgery for your ears.

Earlobes may not look very prominent on your face, but they do have a role to play in balancing facial aesthetics.

Your beautiful loops hang from the earlobes create a flawless daily look. Unfortunately, these ornaments bring a lot of pain and embarrassment when they stress the earlobe leading to a stretched hole. The pain might not be a problem for some, but the loose dangling flap will grab the attention.

Do not fret, as you can fill those holes with the help of the best earlobe repair treatment in Delhi. We, TVAK Skin & Laser Clinic, offer the most affordable earlobe repair treatment in Delhi. We respect your desire to flaunt those earrings, and we will ensure that the gaps are filled so that you can wear them again. Lobuloplasty is a popular technique to repair earlobes.

Lobuloplasty is a simple and effective procedure that takes only 30-60 minutes. With the help of local anesthesia, our expert dermatologist will carry out the procedure. This minor surgery will not leave you with any prominent marks, you get rid of the cut, and you can start your routine activities right after the surgery. The best part is, you can get your piercing done within a few months post-surgery. Our experienced team of skin specialists will help you understand this better.

The only aim behind this earlobe surgery is to rejuvenate the individual’s appearance and create a new place for piercing so that the earlobes look in tandem with the other facial features. We talked about earlobe surgery in New Delhi, but you must know when you should opt for such a kind of procedure. You need an earlobe surgery when:
  • There is a visible earlobe deformity
  • You have split earlobes
  • You have developed stretched or widened earlobes.

What are the reasons for earlobe stretching?

Your earlobe deformity may be due to any or all of the following:
  • Ageing and gravity
  • Stretched earlobes due to heavy-weight earrings over a while.
  • Injuries that have torn or stretched the lobes

How does the earlobe repair treatment work?

Understanding this procedure is a bit challenging, and we will try to simplify it here.
Your ear is nothing but a ligament surrounded by the skin on both sides. The structure of an earlobe is delicate, fragile, and hanging without any ligament support.
We have advanced our skincare procedures, and we perform this surgery at TVAK Clinic. The following are the comprehensive steps followed:
  • Our specialist will mark the skin and show you the scar lines on the earlobe.
  • We will clean your ear and penetrate the area with a sedative so, you do not feel any acute pain.
  • The additional skin around the stretched earlobe is removed taking care of the face contour.
  • The skin on the front and back of the earlobe is approximated by using stitches and glue.
  • Doctor will put on the dressing, and you are allowed to go home.

There are two types of earlobe repair.

  • Sutureless glue repair
  • Sutured earlobe repair
Both the techniques give better results when an expert undertakes them. However, they both have their limitations.
The sutureless procedure uses glue and the glue does stick to the skin but leaves the scar line behind. The stitch line will attract light from different angles making the scar line visible. The incision scar again will have the chance to widen in the future.

The sutured earlobe repair will not leave any scar behind, but it comes with the burden of visiting the doctor again. The surgery results in an improved earlobe, and the scar flushes out with the surface gradually.

Honestly, the stitches bind the skin together and press them to stick to each other. Gradually, the tissues get healed leaving a rejuvenated earlobe. The glue only works on the surface of the earlobe and the delicate tissues underneath remain untouched creating a profound cut scar on the skin.

Consult with our seasoned dermatologists, know the earlobe repair treatment in detail, and take the final decision. If you are struggling with an extended earlobe, it is time to book an appointment.

What about a recovery course?

The treatment is definitely in our hands, but the recovery lies in the hands of the patients. The better you follow our instructions, the fairer are the chances of a quick recovery.
The common symptoms after the surgery are:
  • Mild redness and swelling for a couple of days.
  • Your earlobe will be put in dressing for 2-3 days. When the dressing is removed, the doctor will suggest wearing a headband at night to keep your ears pushed in place.
  • The incisions will be there and they will gradually fade.
  • Do not rush for the piercing and wait for at least 6-8 months after the surgery.

How to prevent the re-occurrence of the stretched earlobes?

You have undergone the earlobe repair in Delhi once, but there are chances that you face the same problem again. Here are some of the few tips to avoid the stretching and tearing of the earlobes post-surgery:
  • Try not to wear heavy earrings.
  • Remove the earrings before going to bed.
  • Refrain from wearing earrings that may get tangled with your hair, scarf, and so on to put additional stress on the earlobes.
  • Even if it is required to wear heavy earrings, you must wear them for a short time.
  • Be gentle while you remove your earrings.
It is time to take an effective earlobe repair treatment in Delhi and TVAK Skin & Laser Clinic is at the rescue. We are offering both types of sutured and sutureless earlobe repair.
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