Cavitation Treatment

It is one of the best techniques to conquer weight loss without any hassle. Get to know how it work.


Ultrasonic Cavitation combined with Radiofrequency massage is a popular non-invasive and safer alternative to liposuction surgery. This combination dissolves fats, reshapes the body and improves skin elasticity. Ultrasonic cavitation penetrates the fat cells and melts them. While the RF massage enhances body metabolism and blood circulation. They don’t affect any other tissues other than adipose tissue.

It is one of the best techniques to conquer weight loss without any hassles. Get to know how it works:

The ultrasound radiations pass through the skin and cause rapid pressure changes in the fat cells which leads to their breaking. With the additions of RF massage, bipolar radio wave energy is delivered into the skin which along with aiding fat loss stimulates collagen production. Due to increased collagen, cellulite reduction, skin tightening and body is properly contoured.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Cavitation with RF Massage:

  1. Visible reduction in inches
  2. Enhances skin firmness
  3. Decreases Cellulite
  4. Stretchmarks lightening
  5. Increased metabolism
  6. Better drainage of the lymph
  7. Extremely convenient
  8. No downtime involved

Specific areas that are targeted by the treatment:

  1. Sagging belly fat reduction
  2. Contouring sides between the ribs and hips
  3. Minimizes upper arms thickness
  4. Reduces chin and neck fat
  5. Minimizes saddlebags
  6. Tightens lax skin on the abdomen

Treatment duration and results:

Treatment will be carried out by proficient technicians under the guidance of our experienced doctor. Session time varies from ½ to 2 hours, according to patient’s body requirement. Patients are required to drink lot of fluids before and after the treatment because the treatment efficacy decreases if you are dehydrated.

While several sessions for an individual are decided well before according to the results from body composition analysis and patient’s goals. Usually, sessions are recommended to be taken in a gap of every 4-5 days.

The results are visible as dead fat cells gradually excrete out from the body through lymphatic drainage. This takes about one-two weeks. Final results will be clear within 6 to 12 weeks of completing all the sessions.

Safety and Side-Effects:

It is crucial to understand that your goals must be realistic. You should have a sheer belief to work on dietary intakes for quicker results. There are few exceptions on who can take non-surgical weight loss treatments.People who have a pacemaker installed or metallic body part is inserted are not allowed to take the treatment nor the patients with hypertensive disorder, cancer, liver and kidney diseases. Women are not recommended to go for this treatment during their pregnancy and lactation period. So, it is compulsory, to be honest, and share your health status with the provider before taking any non-surgical weight loss treatment.

As the procedure is non-surgical, there are no lasting side effects and involves no downtime so you can work as usual after the session. Some people might get mild pain and redness on the treated area which goes away in a day or two. If you feel uncomfortable working, rest is recommended by the doctors at Tvak Laser Clinic. You can connect with us if the problem persists.

Treatment Cost:

Ultrasonic Cavitation with RF massage for weight loss treatment in South Delhi at Tvak Laser Clinic is affordable and gives effective results. The exact cost depends on the body part involved and the total number of sessions. To know about it, you can book a free consultation with us.
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