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Get the best body shaping and body slimming solution at Tvak Laser.

Body Shaping and Contouring means giving a perfect contour and shape to the body parts by removing the stubborn fats which don’t go by exercise and diet. In this fast-paced world, it is time for hassle-free maintenance of body shape in no time. With the increased workload and constant tasks that are performed with minimal body movement, most of us have reached a path of obesity and fat deposition while not having enough time to manage and get rid of it. But we all want a certain shape and weight for ourselves despite.

To help you achieve the body you want without long time input on it, the top-most laser clinic in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, Tvak Skin & Laser Clinic brings a revolutionary Body Shaping and Contouring Treatment.

Some of us want to lose excess weight while many just want to get rid of the bulging belly, thighs or simply wants a slimmer body than before. Our treatment provides the solution for all the varied concerns of different people in both men and women. This treatment can tighten and sculpt the body as one desires. If you are looking out for the best body shaping and contouring treatment in Delhi –TVAK LASER CLINIC is all ready to provide you personalized, holistic, and best weight loss treatment in Vasant Vihar, Delhi.


It is time for you to get what you want!

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Treatment Process:

The body shaping and contouring treatment in Vasant Vihar is a non-surgical and non-invasive fat elimination procedure that is medically safe and gives desired outcomes in a short span.

The concept behind this treatment is to deliver high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to make supramaximal stimulus (the kind of contractions that cannot be achieved with voluntary actions like workouts or squats at the gym) which eventually leads to the burning of body fats. A single session of the treatment lasts for 30 minutes which are equal to 30,000 crunches/squats depending on which part is being treated. This procedure also strengthens the body muscles and enhances muscle building.

We, also use advanced technologies of Cavitation and Bipolar RF to target body tightening and toning. The principle behind this procedure is to induce lymphatic drainage and better flow of blood in the blood vessels ultimately leading to firmer and smoother looking skin.

Stomach, back, hips, thigh, butt and arms are effectively targeted by this procedure. Personalized treatment sessions are created according to your body goals and concerns. Along with the treatment, a dietician consult is provided for advising you on how to maintain your newly achieved body.

Benefits of the treatment:

  • Body Sculpting – The treatment helps in shaping the body as one wants for themselves.
  • Fat reduction – Obesity can be targeted faster than any other method.
  • Creating Youthful Posture – Body image issues is very common even in thin people. This treatment also helps in getting in shape and remove flabby muscles.
  • Repair Postpartum Figure – After pregnancy, the sagging belly can be treated with this method.
  • Muscle Building – Getting a chiseled body and better abs will be a no game especially for the men desiring it.

Treatment Safety and After Care:

It is obvious that people get concerned about the safety of such a quick weight loss process. But, we assure you that body shaping and contouring treatment in Delhi at Tvak Skin & Laser Clinic, the procedure is medically safe and widely used around the world for weight-loss management.

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