Nail Avulsion Surgery Cost in Delhi

Nail surgeries are processed by a nail specialist doctor.

A nail avulsion is an in-office process in which the nail plate (a hard portion of your nail) is removed from your affected finger or toenail. You might need a nail avulsion if you have issues with your nails, such as redness, inflammation, oozing, pain, infection, and odor, after taking anticancer treatments. To avail of cutting-edge nail avulsion surgery in Delhi, visit Tvak Skin & Laser Clinic, Vasant Vihar – South Delhi today.

What is Nail Avulsion Surgery?

Nail avulsion surgery is a procedure that involves the removal of a portion or the entire nail plate from the nail bed. It is typically performed to treat various nail conditions and disorders, such as ingrown nails, chronic nail infections, severe nail trauma, or tumors affecting the nail bed.

Why are nail surgeries carried out?

Nail surgeries are processed by a nail specialist doctor in the following circumstances:

  • Malformed Toenails
  • Infected Toenails
  • Thick Toenails
  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Painful Toenails

What are the symptoms that elicit surgery?

The big toe is usually affected, either on one or both sides. The nail curls and stabs the skin, which becomes red, inflamed, and tender. Other prospective symptoms include:

  • bleeding
  • swelling of the skin at the tip of the toe
  • white or yellow pus flowing out from the affected area
  • an accumulation of fluid within the region close the toe
  • pain if pressure is placed on the toe
  • an overgrowth of skin around the affected toe

What is the procedure that we execute?

The doctor will surgically remove a portion of the nail, a part of the underlying nail bed, some of the nearby soft, and even a part of the growth zone. Nail surgery in Delhi is effective in removing the nail edge from growing inward and cutting into the fleshy pleats as the toenail grows forward. Perpetual removal of the nail is also recommended for children with chronic, repeated infections in developing toenails.

How long will it take to recover from nail surgery?

The healing rate varies from individual to individual. However, averagely, a partial nail avulsion can take 4-6 weeks to heal and a complete nail avulsion can take 8-10 weeks to heal. If the post-operative guidance is followed then these healing times can be lessened.

When can I go back to work/school after nail surgery?

We would recommend the day of the surgery to rest with your foot kept elevated. Returning to work or school depends on the individual and activities. Few patients take a second day off and then feel fine to return. It is vital that footwear is wide enough to lodge the dressing and the toe gets no heaviness from shoes or any other outside force. So if this can be evaded then go back to work or school as soon as you feel okay to do so.

Will I have an anesthetic if I have nail surgery?

Yes, you will have a local anesthetic for nail surgery which should make your toe numb and guarantee the surgery is as pain-free as possible.

If you are in scores of pain and/or the infection keeps coming back, the doctor may surgically confiscate a part of your toenail. If you are distressed because of such nail problems and looking for a nail specialist in South Delhi, then refer to Tvak Skin & Laser Clinic. At our clinic, Dr. Kashyap and Dr. Noor offer numerous treatment options for all nail-related infections.

What you can expect after surgery?

After nail avulsion surgery, here’s what you can expect:

  • Pain and discomfort: You may experience some pain or tenderness in the treated area. Pain medication can be prescribed if necessary.
  • Dressings: The surgical site will be covered with a sterile dressing or bandage to protect it.
  • Limited activities: You may need to avoid activities that strain the treated area, such as excessive walking or running.
  • Wound care: Follow instructions for keeping the area clean and dry, applying any prescribed ointments, and changing dressings as directed.
  • Swelling and bruising: Swelling and bruising around the surgical site are common. Applying cold compresses can help reduce swelling.
  • Healing time: Healing time varies but typically takes a few weeks. Follow-up appointments may be scheduled to monitor progress.
  • Nail regrowth: The nail will gradually start to grow back, which can take several months.

Are there Any Post-Treatment and After are Tips?

Post-treatment and aftercare tips for nail avulsion surgery:

  • Take any prescribed pain medication as directed to manage discomfort.
  • Keep the surgical area clean and dry to prevent infection.
  • Follow your healthcare provider’s instructions on changing dressings and bandages.
  • Avoid activities that strain or put pressure on the treated area.
  • Apply cold compresses to reduce swelling, if recommended by your healthcare provider.
  • Take any prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection, if applicable.
  • Follow proper hygiene practices, such as washing your hands before touching the surgical site.
  • Avoid submerging the treated area in water, such as swimming or soaking in baths, until it is healed.
  • Keep regular follow-up appointments with your healthcare provider to monitor healing progress.
  • Report any unusual or concerning symptoms, such as excessive pain, bleeding, or signs of infection, to your healthcare provider.

Why Choose a TVAK Laser Clinic for Nail Avulsion Surgery?

Choosing a TVAK Laser Clinic for nail avulsion surgery can have several advantages. Here are some reasons why you might consider this clinic:

  • Specialized Expertise: TVAK Laser Clinic may have a team of experienced professionals who specialize in nail avulsion surgery. They are likely to have extensive knowledge and expertise in performing the procedure, ensuring optimal results and a high level of patient care.
  • Advanced Technology and Equipment: TVAK Laser Clinic is likely to have access to advanced surgical technology and equipment. This enables them to perform nail avulsion surgery using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of the procedure.
  • Personalized Treatment Approach: Reputable clinics like TVAK Laser Clinic often provide personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s specific needs. They will assess your condition, discuss your goals and concerns, and develop a customized approach to address your individual requirements.
  • Comprehensive Care: TVAK Laser Clinic may offer comprehensive care throughout the entire treatment process. From the initial consultation to post-operative follow-up, they are likely to provide thorough guidance, support, and monitoring to ensure a smooth and successful recovery.
  • Safety and Hygiene: Clinics focused on laser and surgical procedures prioritize patient safety and maintain strict hygiene protocols. TVAK Laser Clinic is likely to follow rigorous safety measures, ensuring that the surgical environment is clean, sterile, and well-maintained to minimize the risk of infection and complications.
  • Positive Reviews and Reputation: Before choosing any clinic, it’s beneficial to research and read reviews from previous patients. Positive reviews and a strong reputation can indicate that TVAK Laser Clinic has a track record of delivering satisfactory results and providing excellent patient experiences.

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