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Body composition analyzer

For a long time, simple criteria of BMI, which includes only two factors of weight and height was considered enough to determine a health of a person. In the present scenario, body mass index has become an insufficient criterion to evaluate health. Now medical health professionals understand that bodyweight includes various components such as fats, protein, water and more factors that affect a person’s health.

Body composition analyzer machine involves a technology that tells various components of the body along with body fat, bone weight, muscle mass and body water. It is a more reliable method for correctly describing weight than BMI alone.

Why it is crucial for your weight loss journey?

  1. It helps in providing guidelines for diet and nutrition.
  2. Gives a better understanding and reasons for obesity in a patient.
  3. Monitors fat loss and muscle growth due to the weight loss treatments.

Body Composition Analyzer results include:

  1. Constituents of body weight: Bodyweight includes total water, proteins, minerals and fat mass in our body. The Body composition analyzer calculates the amount of each one of them in the human body.
  2. Muscle-Fat analysis: Compares skeletal muscle mass and body fat mass. Indication of having a strong body is when the body has more muscle mass than fat mass.
  3. Obesity Evaluation: Since relying on BMI ranges of obesity is not enough, the analysis will provide obesity levels based on both, body mass index and body fat percentage.
  4. Segmental Lean Analysis: Helps in knowing the muscle content in each body part. This indicates how well developed your muscle is for performing specific functions of different body parts.
  5. Segmental Fat Analysis: Calculates overall fat percentage and fat mass in each part of the body. Monitoring this aids in managing fat loss.
  6. Body Composition History: Helps in tracking the changes in the body during the weight-loss program. Periodical tests help in monitoring the progress.
  7. Visceral Fat Level: The fat in the abdominal cavity is called visceral fat. The analysis estimates the amount of fat surrounding organs in the abdomen which is indicated as visceral fat level.
  8. Waist-Hip Ratio: It is the ratio of waist over the hip.
  9. Research Parameters: You get to know your basal metabolic rate, bone to mineral content, recommended calorie intake, target weight and more.

Benefits of Body composition analyzer analysis:

Being overweight is a factor for causing multiple diseases and issues in the human body. Healthy body composition means a longer lifespan and fewer chances of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and a plethora of problems. BCA analysis will provide information that will give a detailed understanding of the patient’s body, hence aiding in targeted fat loss and planning an appropriate weight loss journey. Once the person starts losing weight with Tvak Laser Clinic weight-loss program in Vasant Vihar, they will notice increased energy levels and a more confident outlook toward themselves.
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