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We all tend to lose hair due to certain hormonal changes in our bodies, triggered by various reasons. These reasons vary for all of us, and they include genetics, gender, demographics, etc. The primary difference is because of the metabolism of androgen in a human’s body. Androgen is responsible for hair loss as well as hair re-growth. When we mature, we tend to lose hair, and for most of us, it becomes a go-to thing in life. Nevertheless, a few of us combat while others accept this reality as a gloomy face of their lives. Fortunately, the battle against hair-loss can turn in our favor due to modern hair growth techniques such as PRP therapy in Delhi.

PRP therapy is found effective when an individual is not completely bald. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, and it is a radical way to stimulate natural hair growth. It is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive technique to restore hair growth and trigger the growth of inactive hair follicles. PRP therapy involves a number of hair growth factors effectively helping in hair development.

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Let’s talk in detail about PRP therapy in Delhi for hair loss.

What is PRP Therapy?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is an effective treatment that shows profound results when done under the guidance of experienced PRP specialists. The procedure is performed based on various models; common steps followed in the treatment are:

1. Initially, the PRP specialist will extract some blood from the individual’s body.

2. The specialists shall spin the removed blood in a centrifuge to segregate the plasma from other constituents.

3. The Platelet Rich Plasma is then infused into the scalp using precise needles.

What is the effectiveness of PRP therapy?

PRP is a fantastic treatment for hair re-growth in cases where an individual has not developed complete bald spots. When the roots on the scalp are still alive, PRP hair treatment revitalizes the hair roots. Various growth factors of PRP therapy will not only boost hair growth but also stimulate to make your hair stronger and thicker. PRP treatment is also considered the best for rejuvenating the shine and luster of hair.

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What are the advantages of PRP therapy in controlling hair loss?

PRP is a renowned and tested technique for skin rejuvenation, and of late, it has shown impactful results to stimulate hair growth naturally. The following are the benefits of undertaking the treatment:

1. PRP treatment is non-surgical. Due to this, the recovery and recuperating time post-surgery is minimized.

2. The treatment is non-scarring. The expert uses precise needles to insert plasma on the scalp, and once the treatment is completed, there are no prominent scars left behind.

3. PRP therapy is a sheltered treatment. It presents no danger of dismissal as your blood is used to treat your hair. Further, there are very rare chances of any contamination.

4. The treatment has negligible side effects and the results are profound. 99% of the individuals are found happy after completing their PRP sessions.

What are the stages of PRP treatment?

Essentially, PRP is performed in three stages. Let us have a look at them here:

1. A pre-decided quantity of blood (60-100ml) is extracted from the body.

2. The blood is spun in a centrifuge, and the portion holding the maximum platelet is segregated.

3. The platelets are infused into the scalp to stimulate cells and hair follicles.

Under which conditions is PRP treatment suitable?

At TVAK Skin & Laser Clinic, we believe in offering the best to our clients. Our PRP treatment experts know everything about its effectiveness on the body and will be able to guide you about the suitable conditions of this treatment. It is an incredible procedure for healthier and quicker hair growth for both males and females.


Reach out to us to know about PRP treatment costs in Delhi. We are offering the best PRP treatment in Delhi. If you are looking for an impactful solution for your hair loss, book an appointment with our PRP experts at TVAK Skin & Laser Clinic, Vasant Vihar. We also provide solutions for hair transplants in Delhi as well.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    PRP stands for Platelet-rich Plasma which is also known in medical terms as autologous conditioned plasma. PRP is widely used as a therapy for hair loss solution. It is a medically proven hair restoration procedure which aims to stimulate your hair follicles and put an end to unusual hair-fall.

    In this treatment, patient’s blood is drawn out then the collected blood is made to go through the process of centrifugation in a specialized machine then a platelet rich product is obtained which is injected in patient’s scalp onto the locations where hair follicles are not growing. This stimulates and nourishes the hair follicles hence in near future the hair starts flourishing.

    First and the most important step before the patient opts for our exclusive treatment of PRP therapy, we make sure to provide a consultation with our dermatologist who ensures to suggest appropriate and suitable treatment for your hair condition after analyzing your hair and scalp. Then as mentioned in the last question’s answer, our expert doctor will draw blood from patient’s body then platelet rich plasma will be obtained which will be injected on the desired or dermatologist suggested locations of your scalp.

    PRP therapy is a nonpareil way to solve all the hair woes in this fast growing world for both men and women of all ages. Beginning with hair regrowth in the locations you had stopped seeing hairs growing to increasing your hair density and length, PRP therapy has changed lives of many. It helps extensively to those with thin and light hairs. It keeps atypical hair-fall at bay with your scalp health becoming better than before.

    Usually most people can go for this therapy if they are suffering from extensive hair loss problem and tired of using expensive hair care giving no effective solution. PRP works on those who still have hair follicles on the scalp but they are not growing into hairs. People with specific hormonal issues which leads them to have unusual hair-fall from their scalp seem to greatly benefit from this therapy too.

    Most patient starts seeing results within few weeks of their first session but the results may vary from person to person. A suitable number of sessions are advised by our specialist to the patient depending on their hair condition and few other medically important factors to get the best out of the treatment.

    Cost majorly depends on the size of the location to be treated and the number of sessions the patient takes. On average, the treatment will cost around 6,000 – 10,000/- for a single session.

    As we told earlier, PRP works best where hair follicles are still present but inactive. People with bald head or patches don’t show much hair follicle so other hair-regain procedures which works amazing for such people is also available at our clinic.

    The in-clinic time for the PRP treatment is just 1 to 2 hours. The patient has to wait till the centrifugation process is complete meanwhile a topical anesthetic is applied to the head.

    nt is a non-invasive procedur

    e so there are only mild-side effects associated with it. Patient might feel mild pain at injected site, scalp tenderness, slight swelling or mild headache after the therapy but this goes away gradually.

    The results of PRP treatment will not be visible immediately, and it will take at least 4-6 months to observe them. Prominent results are visible after 3-4 sessions and you have to adhere to the instructions of your specialist. You must remember that PRP stimulates hair growth but does not eliminate the factors that lead to hair loss.

    For any healthy person, PRP is a completely safe treatment. Nevertheless, people with certain bleeding disorders are suggested not to undergo the treatment.