Laser Stretch Marks Removal

Laser Stretch Marks Removal in Delhi

The skin is one of the bases of one’s beauty. If there are inadequacies like stretch marks on your skin, you can’t help but feel somewhat down and unlikeable. Mentally speaking, having these tokens ingrained in the skin leave a great effect on one’s confidence. Don’t worry improvidently because you are not alone on this planet dealing with the issues of abhorrent marks on the skin. The good news is that stretch marks can be gotten rid of. There are many options to select from when treating stretch marks. Best one is Laser stretch marks removal in Delhi (India) at Tvak Skin & Laser Clinic Vasant Vihar, South Delhi.

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks form owing to the over-stretching of the skin that might be on account of rapid weight changes, pregnancy, body building, etc. These marks principally affect the dermal layer of the skin, which is principally the mid layer. When there is overstretching, the connective fibers begin to break that leads to the collagen disruption and tarnishing. The blemishes may appear pink, purple, red or white, depending on its present stage.

Why is the problem of stretch marks so distressing among women?

For maximum women, it is common to get these marks from extreme weight gain as well, during puberty or pregnancy. In maximum situations, these ladies have the marks in places that aren’t very evident, such as the abdomen and breasts. Other females might get these marks on their hips, the backs of their thighs or internal thighs. If this is the situation, a lady may feel uncomfortable to wear a short skirt or a bathing suit during the summertime. While the marks wane over time to a dull gray shade, they will still be evident. This is because the marks categorically affect the top coating of the skin.

How can lasers be a boon for treating stretch marks?

Stretch mark laser treatment is a procedure that incorporates using a ray of light to get rid of the thin layers of the skin bordering those marks. This laser technology employs a high energy ultraviolet light to unnerve the molecular bonds found in the skin tissue thus helping it to collapse. When the scar tissues are totally eliminated, they will be replaced by new and healthy skin cells, collagen and elastin. Right after the procedure, you will notice redness on the treated region. This is because of layers of the tarnished skin having been eradicated and exchanged by new skin. Maximum patients observe healing from redness and painfulness in just some days after the procedure was executed.

Why choose laser stretch marks removal?

Laser stretch mark removal nowadays makes is easier for females to get rid of stretch marks for good. The process uses an excimer laser, which is a controlled laser that confiscates layers of skin surrounding the stretch marks. The process has very low risk of injury and is also less invasive as equated to other cosmetic surgeries. The laser stretch mark removal process takes a period of some short treatments contingent on the degree of the stretch mark. Averagely, effective laser surgery for stretch marks necessitates around 8 to 10 treatments total. The only discomposure would be tenderness in the region treated and the same area might appear bruised. This would only be for a small period of time, and once the skin cells have re-grown, the region would be smoother.

What are the side-effects?

Side-effects on account of laser stretch mark removal are really rare. The normally experienced side-effects are bruising, blemishing, blistering or inflammation of the treated area where these will fade after some days or weeks. Variations in the pigmentation might similarly occur but will again be short-term. The procedure will not pose any threat as long as the method is carried out by experienced specialists.

Virtually everybody is an idyllic contender for this procedure. Laser stretch marks removal procedures are much more effective in due course than simply using over-the-counter products to treat stretch mark blemishes. It would still be better for you to get comprehensive consultation before making your choice. For more info, you can visit Tvak Skin & Laser Clinic in Vasant Vihar, Delhi. Here, you can discuss your concerns with the best dermatologists who can guide you well.

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