Earlobe Repair

Earlobe Repair

If you have big earlobe, there is no point in crying over it. Now, you can get it repaired at Tvak Skin & Laser Clinic with lobuloplasty. We offer affordable earlobe repair cost in Delhi. Wearing heavy earrings might stretch the earlobe hole. With the assistance of improved lobuloplasty earlobe repair in Delhi procedure, this problem can be resolved easily. It is simple but very effective method. Local anesthesia is given for the procedure and it takes just half an hour.

Our skilled doctor carries out the process by cutting the skin inside the earlobe torn portion & then fresh ends are stitched together. The marks that are made are hardly obvious and you can resume your daily activities soon after the operation. Once the operation is done, you can also get new piercing within some months post-surgery.

What are the reasons of earlobe stretching?

A common complaint amid both males and female is torn or overextended earlobes. Torn/stretched earlobes can happen because of trauma, after repeated wearing of hefty earrings or wearing ear stretchers. The degree of earlobe problem can differ. The piercing might have become strained out of shape and is now unappealing or the earlobes might be totally torn. Refitting an earlobe is a comparatively simple, uncomplicated and effective process implemented by board certified doctors at our clinic.

How does it work?

Upon consultation, our doctor will recommend you the right surgical technique to repair your earlobe. This will depend on several factors including the nature of the problem and the yearning of the individual who wants to undergo treatment. Since each type varies from other, your plastic surgeon will decide which method will be best for you. Torn earlobes can be efficiently amended using delicate surgical method. AT our clinic, this repair surgery is implemented with an optional sedative. It is pain-less and there is hardly any indication of discomposure. The most apt method is discussed with the patient and then final method is carried out. Other than torn earlobe, a variety of other problem might require the surgery of the earlobes. The aberrations of the earlobe might be owing to genetic abnormalities, surgical process, traumatic happenings, etc. The approaches required to address maximum of these problems vary and might depend on the specific requirements of the patient. Whatever is the reason, we have creative and artistic hands that aids in rectifying the complications with utmost accurateness and precision.

What are the earlobe repair methods we use?

Tvak Skin & Laser Clinic introduces the finest earlobe repair techniques such as:

  • Earlobe repair with stitches.
  • Earlobe repair with/without stitches (By the usage of surgical glue)

The doctor applies what is best and reasonable for you. So, when it comes to repair or rectification of earlobe, please visit our clinic or contact us via our website.

What about the recovery course?

  • You will feel mild discomposure and might use pain medicine for 2-3 days
  • After the surgery, it is normal to witness ear inflammation for 1-2 weeks. A dressing will be placed over the ears for 2-3 days. After the dressing is taken out, a headband must be worn at night. This will keep the ears pushed in place.
  • Normal activities can be recommenced after one week.
  • Final outcomes will be seen within a couple of weeks to some months, contingent on individual healing.
  • Following lobuloplasty, the incisions will gradually fade over time.

If you are eyeing for earlobe repair treatment in Delhi then visit Tvak Skin & Laser Clinic. Here, we offer earlobe repair with and without stitches (by using surgical glue). Give us a call to book your appointment and undergo earlobe repair with renowned dermatologists.

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