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Acne Scar Removal in Delhi

Acne or skin breakouts pop out of your skin and make your skin look dull and pale. They are very disappointing as they leave scars on the face even after they are completely gone. It is an annoying condition but fortunately, there are ways to treat acne scar removal in New Delhi which can deal with these unwanted scars effectively.

The following section will help you understand various kinds of acne and will also throw some light on the ways to deal with acne or the scars left behind by acne with effective acne scar removal treatment. We know you would be on your toes to look for the best clinics offering acne scar removal in Delhi, but before you do it, let’s take a deep dive into acne, its types, causes, and plausible treatments.

What is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition that pops out of your skin when the hair follicles on the skin are obstructed. When this happens, the oil and dead skin will fill the pores leading to the outbreak of Lesions. These outbreaks are often found on the face, but they are also observed on the chest, back, and even on the neck in a few cases. Acne is the most common in teenagers and for most individuals, acne will disappear once they reach adulthood. However, people with sensitive skin might have this problem linger even during their forties and fifties.

If you are struggling with keeping your skin clean, reach out to us for an effective solution. We offer some of the best treatments for acne scar removal in Delhi.

What are the common causes of Acne?

If acne breakouts on your skin are frequent, it would be mostly due to your genetics and hormones. A hormonal condition driven by androgenic hormones is responsible for acne breakouts. These hormones become active during the teenage years and these hormones react more when one consumes oily, fatty foods causing skin breakouts. Face, neck, back, and shoulders are some of the most common places where acne is found. Some of the common skin break-out injuries are whiteheads, clogged pores, little knocks, pimples, and bumps.

Although acne and skin breakouts are common syndromes, certain conditions may exacerbate their severity.

What are the conditions which can increase the risk of Acne?

1. Changes in hormonal level during the menstrual cycles.

2. Nudging or picking on the skin break-out injuries.

3. Poor skincare like not washing or cleansing the skin regularly, using high chemical infused creams and other skincare products.

Acne can be bad and before they turn your life into hell, take our advice and get yourself treated under the care of skin specialists. We, at TVAK, have the best acne scar treatments in Delhi which can help you here.

What are the various types of Acne?

Before you search for the best acne scar treatments in Delhi, you must know what kind of skin breakout you are dealing with. Acne is an umbrella term encompassing all kinds of skin breakouts. These breakouts can be inflammatory or non-inflammatory. The inflammatory acne is named as:

· Pimples

The red and swollen spots on the skin are known as pimples. They are inflammatory acne and they are caused due to the bacteria obstructing the pores. Bacteria have the power to cause infection far beneath the skin surface. If not treated well in time, they can bring about excruciating pain on the skin.

· Papules

If your skin is irritated due to the breakdown of the wall around your pores, papules will occur. This condition is terrible as papules are hard to touch, painful, and sensitive at the same time. The skin around these pores is usually pinkish or red in color.

· Pustules

Pustules are formed due to skin irritation similar to the papules and they too are sensitive. However, the pustules are filled with pus and discharge. These knocks come out of the skin and they are red in color. You would see a yellow or white head at the tip of pustules.

· Cysts

Cysts are different from pustules or papules. They occur when the skin pores are clogged by the blend of sebum, bacteria, and dead skin cells. The skin clogs occur far beneath the skin surface and often they are hard to find. Cysts are normally large red or white knocks on the skin. They are painful to touch and they are also called the most difficult kind of acne to treat. The inflammation is so severe that they are likely to leave behind a scar.

· Knobs

They occur when the clogged skin pores have endured irritation for a longer time and have become bigger. In contrast with pustules or papules, the knobs or nodules develop far beneath the skin. These knobs cannot be treated at home. Hence, you must look for the best acne scar treatments in Delhi to get yourself treated by an experienced dermatologist.

You may have only one or two different types of acne at the same time. You should be careful if you see these tiny breakouts on your skin often. One or two acne should be an alarming sign for you to look for various acne scar treatments in Delhi.

Besides inflammatory acne, non-inflammatory acne can be troublesome as well. They are blackheads and whiteheads. They are not painful nor do they cause any kind of swelling on the face.

· Blackheads

Blackheads pop out when a skin pore is obstructed by a dead skin cell or sebum. Although the skin is clogged up from within, the tip of the pore stays open. This condition results in a blackish color on the skin.

· Whiteheads

The cause of the whiteheads is similar to that of the blackheads with the only difference being that the tip of the pore is closed when you have a whitehead. It, of course, looks white and is similar to a knock protruding from the skin.

What are the types of Acne Scars?

Let’s take a look at the type of acne scars that one might have before we jump into their treatment for acne.

1. Ice Pick Scars

These are profound, they look narrow and stretch out into the dermis. The skin appears as it has been picked by an ice pick or any sharp instrument. Ice pick scars make a thin, little, and deep hole inside the skin.

2. Boxcar Scars

These scars may look round or oval with steep vertical sides. These scars are a little severe than the ice pick scars and they make the skin lopsided and pitted.

3. Rolling Scars

As the name suggests, these kinds of scars cause a wave-like depression across the skin. These scars are sharply characterized. The skin will look rough or rugged.

TVAK Skin and Laser Clinic offers the best treatments for acne scar removal in Delhi

We offer the following four prominent solutions for your acne and scars. Take a look at them in detail:

1. Acne Needle RF Treatment

It is a treatment that leverages a needle prod and improves the collagen level. With the help of this acne treatment, the wrinkles formed on the skin due to aging is removed which provides a youthful look to the person. The procedure must be done by skin specialists with the help of a machine using microneedles. Approximately, 25 of such microneedles are pricked on the affected region of the skin.

2. Acne Laser Treatment

This is the most common acne treatment. Laser treatment is given mostly for the acne scars which occur due to the resurfacing of the skin. The epidermal layer of the skin is removed and the laser reaches underneath at the dermal layer. Taking up this course is useful if you have a lot of acne scars and once this treatment is over, you get a refreshed and youthful skin coupled with a smooth appearance. We are offering the best laser acne treatment in Delhi, talk to our skin specialists to know more about the treatment procedure.

3. Chemical Peels

For those who are struggling with minor to mild acne, chemical peels are an affordable option. Under this procedure, an acidic peel on the skin is applied. The main goal behind this treatment is to get rid of the upper layer of the skin. After a few weeks, the surface skin will start shedding to make a place for healthy skin present underneath. This new skin will have very few imperfections and no prominent scars. Some of the common chemical peels which are used are Retinol, Glycolic, TCA, Salicylic, and so on.

4. Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is the best technique for people with uneven toned skin and acne scars. This is a skin planning technique and is considered one of the most favored laser acne scar treatments in New Delhi. This technique works by exfoliating the top layer of the skin with the help of a machine, which in turn scratches the skin at the place where an acne scar is formed. Gradually the skin heals and a smooth layer of the skin shows up leading to a flawless look.

What are some useful tips to manage Acne?

Let’s face it, acne is hard to prevent. Fortunately, we can manage it by looking after our skin and at least ensure that it does not leave a scar behind. The best acne treatment in New Delhi will help you and you must take the following steps at home to manage the scars:

1. Using an oil-free cleanser to cleanse the skin regularly.

2. Reduce the use of cosmetics containing more oil.

3. Always cleansing your face before going to bed.

4. Controlling your stress levels

5. Avoid wearing tight clothes and pick comfortable ones.

6. Following a healthy diet and avoiding extra sugars and oil.


If you are observing frequent acne on your face and body, you must book an appointment with us without delay for laser scar removal in Delhi. It is time to take care of your own self, take up our acne and scar treatment in New Delhi and see the transformation on your skin.


You can also watch this detailed explanation on Acne Scar Treatment if you like.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Acne scars are marks and pits left behind by different types of acne like pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, pustules etc. on your skin. They make your skin look uneven and unclear.

    Various options are available for acne scar removal in Delhi at Tvak Skin & Laser Clinic, including: • Chemical Peels • Lasers • Acne Needle RF Treatment • Dermabrasion

    Acne scars are categorized in 3 kinds: • Icepick scars • Rolling scars • Boxcar scars

    Laser acne scar removal treatment is capable of effectively eradicating all types of acne scars. Also, it is the most preferable treatment for deep and large scars.

    Lasers work by resurfacing the upper most layer of the skin and go deep to remove gaped and deep scars. It also helps boost collagen production to give your skin a smooth and youthful appearance.

    The treatment usually consists of 6-8 sessions or more depending on the size and types of scars. Superficial scars are removed faster while deeper ones can take more than 3-4 sessions to show effective results. By the end of the treatment you will love the change it will bring.

    We use FDA-approved and first-rate machines. For acne scar removal, we have an AcuPulse CO2 laser system which ensures less downtime, lower chances of patient discomfort, and painless procedure.

    Most acne scars get eradicated permanently. Sometimes deepened scars might need more sessions than suggested. Further course of treatment is planned accordingly by the cosmetologist. New scars can develop if you have acne-prone skin; it is suggested to consult a dermatologist to cure your acne issues.

    The treatment cost depends on the number of sessions and the targeted region. The results will be worth the money and at our clinic, special offers are always running. You get your natural skin back and get to save money by not wasting on scar removal creams which take many years to show little to zero results.

    Usually, there are no side-effects after acne scar removal using a laser. Heat from laser can cause ephemeral redness and itching. Icing and moisturizing help to soothe the skin.