Acne Scar Treatment

Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi

Acne is a very common skin concern which is confronted by lots of teenagers as well as grown-ups. This chiefly happens because the oil glands are blocked and the swelling, which takes place because of this. Very often these acnes will leave perpetual marks on the face of the individual. Acne scar treatments will be required so as to confiscate these scars. If you have scarring left behind from severe acne, you will be eyeing for the best acne scar treatment in Delhi (India). Acne is a major problem, particularly in the adolescent years but, thankfully, typically clears up by the late teens or early twenties. It can however, leave behind mutilating scars.

There is an array of treatments for acne scars removal that we offer at Tvak Skin & Laser Clinic in Vasant Vihar, South Delhi. We offer affordable acne scar treatment cost.

What is acne basically?

Acne is a massively common skin complaint that affects folks of all ages and has a comprehensive range of levels when it comes to severity. Scientific term for acne is “acne vulgaris”, which exactly means, “common acne” Acne is most prominently a nasty and uncomfortable skin condition discernable by the spots it leaves on several body portions, apparently directing and concentrating in one or two particular areas such as the face or back. These spots aren’t just your usual whiteheads or blackheads often linked with rambling hormones or eating too much chocolate either. Rather, they are skin glands which have been wracked and, if not properly taken care of will eventually develop into foul lesions leaving behind nasty scars.

What are the common causes of acne?

Acne is a very common dermatological condition which can be moderately mutilating and have longer-term effects. Some research has suggested that hormonal variation in the body might be the principal cause of acne, such as during puberty, pregnancy, menstruation and times of nervousness when the skin is disposed to be oilier. When dead skin cells and sebum congest pores, acne develops.

What are diverse types of acne?

There are sketchily three groupings of acne scars:

  1. Icepick scars: They resemble the wounds left by an ice pick i.e. deep, pointed and with unhinged edges. They are often found on the cheeks and nose.
  2. Rolling scars: They are broader then 4-5mm and have a rolling or dumped appearance. These give the skin a rolling or inflammation appearance.
  3. Boxcar scars: Boxcar scars are about 3mm and resemble colossally to chicken pox scars. They have round and oval depression and have piercing vertical boundaries.

Acne Scar Treatment that we offer at Tvak Skin & Laser Clinic?

At Tvak Skin & Laser Clinic – New Delhi, our across-the- board range of acne scar removal treatments encompass:

  • Acne needle RF treatment: Acne needle RF treatment is a procedure that aims to improve collagen level by needle spur. Wrinkles that are impelled on account of ageing and acne scars are categorically removed using this treatment and it makes you look young and enthusiastic. The procedure is principally carried out using a machine which has micro needles. In the process, nearly 25 micro needles are inoculated in the affected region and then is treated accordingly.
  • Acne laser treatment: Laser treatment for acne scars through resurfacing integrates removing the epidermal layer of the skin and going beneath it to the dermal layer. The healing course leaves you scar-free and with a smoother, silkier skin.
  • Chemical peels: A chemical peel may be a sensible method for those with mild to moderate acne. In this procedure, a product that consists of acid is applied to your skin. The purpose is to eradicate the external surface layer of the skin. Over the next few days or weeks, the surface skin will slough off and shed away and new, healthy skin will ascend. The new skin will have less acne blemishes and rarer noticeable acne scars that you can flaunt.
  • Dermabrasion: Dermabrasion is a procedure that is proven to be effective and thus is popular amid acne-stricken people. It works by confiscating the top sheets of the skin with the use of a machine that scrapes the skin where the acne scar has formed. As the skin heals, a new and much smoother layer of skin will emerge in place of the scraped skin and therefore make the acne scars imperceptible. It typically takes a tad longer for skin to heal after using dermabrasion i.e. generally a few weeks.

If you are having acne on your face and eyeing for acne scar treatment in Delhi then choose Tvak Skin & Laser Clinic, Vasant Vihar South Delhi. Book your appointment to opt acne scar removal.

rectangleFrequently Asked Questions

Acne scars are marks and pits left behind by different type of acne like pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, pustules etc. on your skin. They make you have unclear, rough and uneven skin texture. Most people expect them to get removed with time but usually it doesn’t happen.

Various options are available for acne scar removal at Tvak Skin & Laser Clinic, they are: • Chemical Peels – Usually for people with mild acne scars. Peel is applied over the affected area and after few days the upper layer of skin starts to shed. • Lasers – Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation Technology is used to resurface the deep scars and give you smooth skin. • Acne Needle RF Treatment – Micro-needles from a specialized machine are injected at the scar area. These needles aims to stimulate more collagen production that gives you softer and healthy skin texture. • Dermabrasion – It is a skin exfoliating procedure done by a machine. It aims to remove the outer layers of the skin hence removing mostly shallow scars.

Acne scars can be of different type. Majorly they are categorized in 3 kinds: • Icepick scars: They look like deep and pointed like icepick and are mostly seen on the cheeks or nose. • Rolling scars: They give inflamed and rolled appearance. Usually broad and cover large area, found on the cheeks. • Boxcar scars: Similar to scars left behind chicken pox. The are round and oval shaped.

Laser acne scar removal treatment is capable of eradicating all types of scar which all other available treatments are not able to provide. For deep and large scars, it is the most preferable treatment. Also, laser is most effective and give best results in no time.

Lasers not only resurface just upper most layer of the skin but goes deep to remove gaped and deep scars. It also boost collagen production on your face.

The treatment usually consists of 6-8 sessions or more depending on the size and types of scars. Superficial scars are removed faster while deeper ones can take more than 3-4 sessions to show effective results. By the end of the treatment you will love the change it will bring.

All laser used at our clinic are FDA approved and first-rate machines. For acne scar removal we have AcuPulse CO2 laser system which ensures less downtime, lower chances of patient discomfort and painless procedure.

Most scars get eradicated permanently. Sometimes deepened scars might not go in suggested number of sessions. Further course of treatment is suggested accordingly by the cosmetologist. New scars can develop if you have acne prone skin, it is suggested to keep acne at bay and consult a dermatologist to cure your acne issues.

The treatment cost depends on number of session and area to be healed. The results will be worth the money and at our clinic special offers are always running. You get your natural skin back and get to save money by not wasting on scar removal creams which take many years to show any results or mostly none and no more need of makeup to hide the scars.

Usually there are no side-effects. Heat from laser can cause ephemeral redness and itching. Icing and moisturizing helps to reduce it faster.